the towel redesigned

Turkey, home of the famous Turkish baths (Hamam), has a long tradition of towel production.  We were on a mission.  We spent six months visiting a variety of workshops and factories throughout Turkey.  We finally found a small family of weavers in the Agean region who were still using traditional methods.  Eureka!  They were able to produce a towel which fulfilled our stringent criteria.


what makes a great towel?

We had a goal to make the best towel possible, using only the highest quality natural fibers. To achieve this we recognised that there are a number of key factors that affect the quality of a towel. Our towels needed to be soft, absorbent, quickly drying, lightweight, compact and durable.



quick dry




our generously sized towels

Size does matter. We love big towels. Our towels tend to be on the larger side but we have a towel for everyone's tastes. Our range is uniquely designed in four different sizes.


100cm x 220cm
This towel is huge; perfect for the tall.


100cm x 180cm
Larger than your average beach towel.


100cm x 140cm
Larger than your average bath towel.


40cm x 90cm
Larger than your average hand towel.


super absorbent

Our luxurious 60:40% bamboo/cotton blend is designed to maximise the benefits of the natural absorbency of bamboo with quick-drying Aegean cotton.


quick drying

We use only pure, long staple, sustainably grown 100% Aegean cotton, with long fibers that give high absorbency, extra strength, softness and durability.

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